Friday, September 26, 2008

Cat Herd expands!

black cat cori Corazon "Cori"

tabby cat marbleMarble

Our cat herd now has three new members bringing it up to nine cats! That puts us in the crazy cat people realm for sure! The third new cat, Preacher (black with a vertical white bar on his neck), is still too skittish to have his picture taken. He runs under the nearest furniture when we get too close. (trapping him in the house was a rather tricky venture...) He is getting tamer and tamer though. We are pretty sure these three young cats were abandoned by the people across the road when they moved. By the time they showed up at our place, they were in sorry shape, dehydrated and starving. They are brothers - Preacher and Marble being litter mates and Cori from the next litter, we think. Of course this is a guess on our parts, but looking at them, anyone would come to the same conclusion. It is sad when things like this happen, but these three are luckier than many. Please spread the word about the importance of neutering and spaying!

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