Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Window Flowers

wildflowers in little colored bottles
These flowers are from our garden and are displayed in some little bottles that were dug up from where they were buried long ago. Trash then, treasure now! Washing up the pots and pans is much nicer when there are flowers to enjoy - sweet william, campanula, rose, viola, iris, penstemon, ninebark, even some hawkweed. The variety of our Lord's flowers is too awesome to fully comprehend! I keep thinking I will paint some of these bottles with flowers sometime.


Jill Iversen said...

That is the prettiest thing I have seen all day. And I see pretty things all day long! You almost couldn't paint this, because folks might not believe it's real.

Jill Iversen said...

Of course I didn't mean not to try to paint them! That's what we do!

jafabrit said...

wow, what a stunning display and yes would make a gorgeous painting I think.