Sunday, January 11, 2009

Przewalski's Horse

Przewalski's Horse by equine artist Shari Erickson
This painting was done for a project at The project is to paint a different horse breed every week for a year. The host of the project names a horse breed each Monday and everyone involved paints and draws and posts their results. This is the first week of the project. I hope to do more breeds as inspiration strikes. This painting is a little over 4 inches square, Golden Open Acrylics on coldpressed ragboard.
The Przewalski's Horse is an endangered species recently reintroduced into the wild after a captive breeding program was set up to save it from extinction. Also known as the Asiatic Wild Horse, this species is the only remaining true wild horse, never having been domesticated. The four hundred in the wild today are living in a nature preserve in Mongolia. It is sad when one of God's creations is gone, and wonderful when one such on the edge of extinction can be saved and appreciated.

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Jill Iversen said...

You are so good!! I love the project idea, too. I went onto wetcanvas last Friday and the project I wanted to was locked. This project looks good, and is right up your alley. Have fun!